Podcasts are a big part of my journalistic activity. The topics of the podcast are very diverse. From adoption to sports. Check them out!
(However, they are mostly in Spanish, you should learn it anyhow).

In “Unboxing adoption en Español”, families in Colombia that are looking for their children tell their stories and show us the other side of adoption.

A podcast about sports! 4 normal persons sit down to comment the sport news of the week. Lots of humor and information. Quite a relax podcast.

Right now under construction, the English version of Unboxing Adoption comes with a strong and direct opinion about international adoption and all that moves around it. The central figure is Marcia Engel, she is a recognized as one of the most recognized activist in The Netherlands.

“De aquí y de allí ” is a podcast dedicated to Latin America. Its my first attempt on making a podcast. It starts with a basic idea: How similar or different are we in the different countries of Latin America?